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Looking for the best central vac system for your home or business? Want to easily be able to vacuum your home? It can be done with a central vacuum cleaner with a few outlets similar in appearance to an electric outlet on the wall, but with addition of a flap door. It delivers suction through the tubing system running through the walls of your home, to a large canister in your basement utility room or garage.

Similar to other types of canister vacuum cleaners you plug the hose of your vacuum into an outlet and it starts working as you switch it on. Instead of a 5’tube plugged into a canister that you need to drag around you have a longer but lighter tube plugged into the wall. If you find the limited mobility of heavy vacuum cleaner is difficult or awkward for you, then a central vac is a lightweight alternative for you. Click to our home page and get more info on the best central vacuum system for pet hair

Best Central Vacuum Cleaners 2017

Electrolux 4B-H403 Honeywell Central Vacuum System Power System

This vacuum system has a double phase motor that runs at 500 air watt, 13.7 amps and 1200 volt to create suction power of 110 inches for its cleaning system. The lasting structure of this central vacuuming system includes a durable self-cleaning HEPA triumph air filter, an electric motor security system, a mounting brace for simple and risk-free anchoring and a 4-Gallon soil container with window to check it’s working.

The power created by its electric motor is enough for cleaning an area up to 3,000 sq ft. Apart from its heavy duty power this vacuum cleaner is quite silent due to sound reducing technique used in it. Its 33 inches in tall and 11 inches in diameter, with a  limited period warranty for 5 years. Learn more about us and best central vacuum system for pets here.

Best rated central vacuum system

Before installing a central vacuum cleaning system it a good idea to research central vacs to ensure that you have bought the best one for your family.

The central vacuum systems should also help to improve the quality of indoor air along with cleaning the entire house, especially helpful where people with serious allergies live.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a central vacuum system is to check the space available in your home compared to the requirements for its instalment.


Best central vacuum systems Canada

Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central System Vacuum cleaner

This powerful device can by mounted in a mudroom, garage, laundry, basement or utility room and it can serve a home of up to nearly 7,000 sq ft.

This central vacuum system uses a cartridge filter and a whirlwind separator cone to separate effectively different irratants from the air of your home with the help of an electric motor. This Central vacuum has a 484 watts air-power motor and adjustable attachments for all of your cleaning needs.

Hoover S5615 Central Vacuuming System

It is a suitable vacuum system for a bit larger homes of up to 8,000 sqft. Its three phase motor offers 465 watts air power for optimum suction, when operated at 13.5 amps. Its dust capacity is 9 gallons.          

A Micro-Tex filter is used in it with safe suction of 136 inches which can also be used for 35 additional pounds without requiring any maintenance. We have reviews and info about the best central vacuum attachment for hardwood floors

Advantages of a central vacuum system

This central vacuum system offers numerous benefits for residential applications. It can be used very easily without having to drag a cylinder with you around the room, being heavy and getting caught around & damaging furniture or having to push a heavy upright . The experienced people tell their tales of its excellent functioning.

It is also easy to use by people with health/back problems due to its lightweight head and cleaning stick. Also you don’t need to worry about wrapping its power cords while storing it after finishing your house cleaning.

Since the canister is located out of the way it will considerably improve the quality of air of your home. Plus, people with allergies will feel more comfortable as you will be dumping all the dust and desbris far away from the main living area.

Best central vacuum systems 2017

Kicksweep feature is also available in some versions of central vacuum systems for the areas where a broom is still used. You sweep the debris into a small opening in your kickplate of your cabinetry or in a baseboard in your kitchen instead of using dustpan.

Most of the central vacuum systems are sold by various reliable brands like the Beam and Eureka. A subsidiary of Electrolux, Light Beam, also provides such central vacuum systems.