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Eureka vacuum bags

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The following components typically come with a Eureka vacuum: vacuum cleaner base, handle, dirt cup, tube, turbo nozzle, cleaning brush, crevice device and extension stick. Some components and accessories could vary from the version defined in this post (Eureka AS4008A Airspeed Ultra Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner).

Assembling the AirSpeed

Begin assembling by removing the crevice tool and extension wand from the vacuum if attached. Use your feet to straddle the base to hold it in place. Line the handle up to the base and click into place. Make sure to examine the connection of the handle to the base by pulling up on the handle. Next put the hose on the hose opening and rotate into place. Wrap the hose over the hook on the handle and down the other side. Lower the end of the hose right into the base, press to lock it right into the opening. Verify that the items are secured with each other by raising and pulling up the vacuum cleaner. For more information how to order eureka vacuum bags mm click here.

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Putting the Dust Cup on the AirSpeed

Next, place the bottom of the dust cup onto the front of the vacuum base. Press the dust cup into the base to lock the dust cup into location. 

To attach the accessories, the vacuum's hose you have to find the hose port, the cleaning brush goes on the back of the vacuum, and clip the turbo nozzle into the holder on the front of the vacuum's housing.

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Your Eureka AirSpeed Ultra vacuum cleaner is now built and ready to use. To recline the vacuum cleaner you have to press on the foot pedal near the base of the vacuum cleaner, as well as pull back on the handle. Press the power switch to turn the vacuum cleaner on.

Vacuum cleaners work on different floor types. To prepare your vacuum for vacuuming flooring, turn the AirSpeed Air flow Control Switch to "Floors". The AirSpeed Ultra has a carpet height adjustment, which is made to adjust to numerous depths of rugs. Begin vacuuming with the height adjuster at the high carpeting position. After that adjust it down to set it appropriately for your carpeting height.

To vacuum using the hose pipe and the attachement devices you have to keep the vacuum cleaner in the upright locked setting. Adjust the AirSpeed Air movement control switch over to "Tools". The functions of your airspeed ultra vacuum could vary depending on the purchased version. Click here for more information about us and ordering eureka vacuum bags rr.

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Emptying the Dust Cup

After every use you should empty the dust bin to maintain the highest performance of your Eureka, push the button and pull out the dust cup. Over a garbage can press the lever to release the bottom lid and empty the cup without having to touch the dirt. The filters should also be cleaned frequently to make sure that optimum suction is maintained. On the dust cup pull the latch to lift up the cover. Remove the foam filter and filter screen. Shake off the dust then rinse the foam filter, screen and dust cup. Dry them thoroughly or leave to air dry, once totally dry reinstall the filters and dust cup. 

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Troubleshooting your Eureka

When issues arise be it lack of suction, brush malfunction, difficulty vacuuming, vacuum suddenly shutting off etc, there can be different issues causing problems, it is good to check everything over to make sure that all systems are in good working order. First make sure that the dust bin is empty and filters are clean. Next check that the brush roll is moving freely and doesn’t have strings or hairs wrapped around especially at ends. Adjust the height to the highest setting and then lower to the proper level. If there are any make sure to cut them free. After you have done that it is time to check from clogs. At each point of the vacuum you need to separate the tubing and peek inside to see if you see anything inside. Remove any clogging type of debris, if they are far along in a tube using a stick of some sort is the easiest way to push it through. If the issue was an automatic shut off it can be the auto shutoff, triggered by an internal thermostat that is preventing over heating due to a full dust cup or blocked house or filter. Once you have checked everything if it was an auto shut off wait 30 min to turn the vacuum back on, otherwise try the vacuum again. If the issue persists you can call us for more help at Blue Mountain Vacuum.

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