Cana-Vac Signature XLS-990 Central Vacuum with 30' Power Essentials Kit

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Product Overview

• Dome Lid
• Home Size – Up To 15,000 Sq. Ft.
• Quiet • Metal Construction – 14” Dia.
• 8.4” 2-Stage Metal By-pass Motor Air Watts – 673 Sealed Suction (Inches) – 147”
• Circuit Board Electrical Components
• Sentry Light – Power Indicator
• Manual On/Off Switch
• 6 Ft. Power Cord
• Dual Intakes
• HEPA Filtration
• 28 Litre/7 Gallon Dirt Pail • Optional Bag System
• 3 Bags Included
• Automatic Utility Inlet
• Venting Optional /Muffler Included
• Quick Designed Mounting Bracket
• 12 Year Motor & Electrical Warranty
The Power Essentials Kit is excellent for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and low pile carpeting. Switch from hardwood to carpeting without changing tools. The LS Power Essentials Powerhead features a dirt sensor that shows you when a floor surface is dirty or clean. Its built-in rug guards prevent the powerhead from grabbing onto carpet and jamming up. Unlike traditional belt drives, it’s cogged design eliminates belt stretching and provides steady, reliable performance.

Warranty Information

20 YEAR WARRANTY on the XLS-990 Central Vacuum 3 YEAR WARRANTY on the Power Essentials Kit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review