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Dyson is a very popular well known & respected brand for vacuums. It has a good reputation of offering high-end products at a reasonable price. Dyson’s latest inclusion bagless vacuum cleaner is highly rated by users for the compact size, functionality, and easy-to-use features.

Do you want to know more about the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner? Do you want to know what exactly it is and what the features are?  We will go over all the key features and in addition, you will get a brief evaluation of the DC59 Motorhead.

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The Dyson upright vacuum is the new version of the DC65 model. It is compact and more innovative than its predecessor.  It has the advanced brush roll feature that can help you to reach all areas, cleaning them thoroughly and with ease. It comes with a self-adjust head, this makes the vacuum more flexible and the brush of the vacuum is made with a mix of the carbon bristles and nylon. All these features are incorporated to make the vacuum more effective and durable and to offer improved performance. The self-adjusting head will make it vacuum all areas and depths of carpet without any difficulty.

Some other key features of the Dyson upright vacuum are the powerful suction power with 19 cyclones that will clean your carpets and upholstery deeply. This strength of suction is hard to find with other vacuums. We also have central vac systems available. Call us at our locations for our Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews 2017

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It is compact and lightweight and uses the 2 Tier Radial Cyclones technology allowing you to clean even the smallest dirt particles. Due to the compact size and lightweight features, you can easily store it anywhere in your home.

The dust bin of this vacuum cleaner comes with 0.21 gallons capability. You might find it a bit smaller than other upright vacuums, but that is offset by the ease of use, you can empty it by pushing a switch. 

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It comes with many accessories included like the Tangle-free Generator tool, the staircase device, and the combination device.  You can use all these tools for detailed cleaning, the tangle-free generator is considered best for the animal hair. See our selection of vacuum bags online.

In addition, you will have the asthma and allergy structure of Allergy Standards Limited certified washable filter.  This device will filter spores, dust mites, animal dander, plant pollen, and dead skin cells.

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You will get a five year warranty with this Dyson product.

The manufacturer has made some significant changes to improve the performance of the new model. This new model has a digital engine that has seventy-five percent more suction than the predecessor. According to Dyson, the new version has three times more power than any other cordless vacuum.

The battery will also last up to twenty-five minutes on the regular setting, and it will work up to six minutes with the boost setting. This vacuum comes with one battery but if you want to use it for an extended time, you can purchase an extra battery to switch out. learn more about us and Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner reviews here.

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This vacuum provides high quality cleaning, it uses 2 Rate Radial Cyclones technology, this technology enables your vacuum to filter any type & size of particle including the smallest, at 0.3 microns.

The weight will be a little more than the predecessor. It is only 4.96 lbs, it might be a little heavier than its precursor, but still it is the lightest cordless vacuum available on the market currently. It is easy to maneuver as well.

It comes with a two year warranty.  

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Dyson is not an old name in the vacuum industry. But during their journey, it has created a market for its products with the best quality materials, workmanship and research. These vacuums come with all the most advanced features to make cleaning easy, simple, and less time-consuming. Uniquely, many Dyson products come with a five year warranty period that shows the reliability of the brand. Call us today and we can give you more Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner reviews from out Collingwood location.