Dyson Vacuum Sale in Canada

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Dyson DC28 Airmuscle Pet

It’s the best model for carpet due to its extremely powerful suction and easily adjustable brush bar height with a touch of a button.

Dyson Round Versions including DC41, DC25, and also DC24

Dyson Vacuum Canada sale

All the Round Versions are rated best for their maneuverability, all three show exceptional ability to move due to Dyson Sphere. Their vacuum heads can conveniently fit under furniture as its brush bar is designed low to ground. D25 however it is the best for all floor types.

DC24 ‘mini’ Round is the lightest one weighing 12 pounds and it’s easiest to steer compared to DC25 and DC41 due to their extra weight. But there is not much difference in their ease-of-use aside from the difference in their weight. Contact at out store location for more Dyson animal vacuum sale Canada.

Dyson DC33 Multi Flooring

With an affordable price and superior suction due to Origin Cyclone technology used in it the DC33 is a solid choice. Notably, it does not have a low brush bar or any other trademark features typical of Dyson, its steering is not like other versions of this brand mentioned previously. The absence of Sphere does affect the maneuverability even though it has a lightweight design. It also does not have a tiny brush to clean up animal hair. The absence of many features makes its price is lower than others. Still it is a useful vacuum cleaner at a lower cost compared to other models of Dyson. Preview our stick vacuums online.

Dyson DC41 Ball Pet or Dyson DC28 Airmuscle

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner sale in Canada

They are the best for their strong suction with Root Cyclone Technology and upright design. This technology sucks up the dirt and traps it, and they are designed with bagless dustbins. They also have high quality filtration systems to retain the particles more the 0.3 micron in size.

If you have a Dyson vacuum then you will notice the difference it makes to airborne allergens in your home. It not only effectively cleans carpets but also prevents the spreading of dirt into the air.

While the suction power of Dyson DC33 and DC25 is very good, still they are not equivalent to DC28 and DC41.

Best things about cleaning with DC41 Pet, Dyson DC25 Sphere, or the Dyson DC24.

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Dyson vacuums on sale Canada

These Ball vacuum cleaners can fit under the furnishings and the kickplates of cupboards as their vacuum heads are low to ground.

They can also clean to the side of the flooring in one go, as their suction head can also clean to the edge. So you don’t need a edging tool to get the sides of the flooring by the wall.

But heavy vacuum cleaners like DC28 Airmuscle or DC33 multi-flooring may not be as good for edges of flooring.

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Canadian Dyson sale.

DC28 Airmuscle

It is the best for carpet cleaning as it is the only version of Dyson that works according to the height/depth of the carpet. It is most effective for the carpets with long or medium pile. But it also has a drawback that it can’t clean the sides or corners of the walls as compared to other Round models of this brand.

Dyson Round Vacuums DC41, DC25, or DC24

They are the best on hard surface flooring due to Sphere technology used in them that allows them to maneuver. But DC33 Multi Flooring or the DC28 Airmuscle can’t easily be used under furniture, but all of them are equally good in wide open rooms.

The DC28 Airmuscle Animal

They have versatile on-board devices including Mini Wind turbine brush for cleaning dusty upholstery along with animal hair from the carpets. This vacuum cleaner has an additional feature of large Flat Out Head which allows you to clean tough areas under your furniture.

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Canada sale


Is supposed to be the most wonderful on-board device because you don’t need manage its hose pipe while using it. Also you don’t need to clip it back onto the vacuum as you need to do with other models of Dyson.

So we hope that the comparison of upright Dyson vacuum cleaners we have can help you in making a well informed decision to help you find an ideal Dyson to fit your family’s requirements. Since they are all top quality products there isn’t a wrong decision, just what suits you best.

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