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It is highly recommended to check the dirt level in your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag before using it. If you are aware of how full the bag is then you will be able to maintain it properly and also be able to get a thorough cleaning. If the user clears the bag when its 2/3 or ½ full, then he/she can expect a successful cleaning. See electrolux vacuum bags style c.

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When the vacuum bag is full of dirt and dust, the dust fragments will prevent the air from distributing and as a result the suction capacity of the vacuum cleaner will be lowered. If you keep doing this, then you don’t need to replace your bag frequently. Here it is important to mention that, if you tend to clean carpets, drywall and pets’ hair regularly, then do change it quicker to get the best result.

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A vacuum cleaner can make tough cleaning jobs like cleaning wood floors or carpets an easy task. But, the performance can really be affected if you don’t replace or clean the filters when needed because it needs airflow to create suction. So, if you feel that the vacuum cleaner is not doing its job effectively then, quickly clean it. With a clean filter, the device can gather dust and other such unwanted things quickly and accurately. For more information about our store or electrolux vacuum bags style s click here.

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If after cleaning if there are still problems, then the time has come to change the filters. Here it should be mentioned that you need to know how many filters your vacuum cleaner has (for example Bissell Bagless has 3), and also only get replacement filters from the vacuum suppliers like Dyson Vacuum, Eureka, Miele, Bissell, Oreck, Dirt Evil one, Shark, Hoover, LG, Electrolux and other such trusted suppliers. 

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Nowadays, there are many vacuum cleaners that come with one or more non-washable bagless filters. In such a case, it is recommended that you replace the filters every 6 to 12 months to make sure the vacuum cleaner can perform as it was intended to.  

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When is the right time to change the belt of my vacuum cleaner?

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The brush roller belt is very important part of any vacuum cleaner. Thus, it is important to clean and replace it regularly. If the suction power is suddenly low or if you see that the brush roller is not moving, then the you need to change or clean the belt immediately.

Usually the instructions for replacing the belt are given in the user manual, but if you are still having problem then please contact us.  

The vacuum cleaner is not getting debris. What should I do now?

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In such a case, before doing anything else, first turn the vacuum cleaner off and also unplug it. Then check if the belt is on or not. In many cases, the vacuum cleaner does not pick debris when the belt is missing or broken, so do not forget to check for missing or broken part on the belt as well.

While you are at it, please check if the bag is full or not. And in case of bagless vacuum cleaners, you need to make sure that the filters are in a top-notch condition. After that, you need to see if the tubes and the air flow area are clear of clogs, cracks and particles.

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Usually the problem will lie in any one of these places, and you can get your vacuum running again by fixing the problem at hand. But if there is no problem in these parts, then it is advised that you refer to the vacuum’s guide for help, to know about some helpful troubleshooting tips.

Some other reasons for this particular problem can be hose pipe not properly connected to the suction opening, wrong elevation change setup, obstructed or used revolving floor brush bristles and the twist and snap pipe not attached properly. Here it is important to mention that you need to check if there is a button which can allow the air of the vacuum cleaner to go to the accessory and tube assembly or if there is any button for turning on and off the brushes.

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