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Find the Best Cordless Vacuum

Best Cordless Vacuum 

If you have issues with the electrical cord of your vacuum then you will be interested in this. After spending lots of time and reviewing over 70 cordless vacuum cleaners of different brands during last few years we have selected Dyson V6 as most effective cordless vacuum. Its performance is better than all other brands available in the market.Call us at our Store Location for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair and other features.

Best cordless stick vacuum  

Who needs a cordless vacuum? 

Most cordless vacuum cleaners today have enough battery life to clean houses up to 1,200 sq ft and features to match plug-in vacuum cleaners while offering good performance. A cordless vacuum is best for people who don’t want to unwrap and wrap its power cord for each use. It is also good for people living in homes with lots of furniture or confined areas as wrangling cord of plug-in vacuum makes it more awkward to clean your home. In this way a cordless vacuum can add a freedom your cleaning life.

Best cordless vacuum Canada 

But there are some drawbacks also attached to cordless vacuum cleaners like increased cost and comparatively lower suction performance than plug-in vacuum cleaners. Restricted run time and shorter guarantee are other drawbacks of cordless vacuum cleaners. If you want to learn more about our sale and service or hear about our best cordless vacuum for carpet click here.

If you want help selecting the right vacuum cleaner for your family then you should read the following reviews. 

How to pick and check cordless vacuum cleaners 

We have checked following cordless vacuum cleaners for this review: 

• Hoover Air Cordless Lift 

• Hoover Cruise ship, 

• Anker HomeVac Duo 

• Dyson V8 Outright 

• Hoover Linx 

• Dyson V6 

• Black+ Decker Smartech 

• Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1

Best Dyson cordless vacuum 

We started this research in 2014 and checked more than 70 models of cordless vacuum cleaners after making list of their location. 

We compared the performance of cordless vacuum with the best plug-in vacuum by using them on bare floor and carpets with short or medium piles to find the best one. We also focused on their design as per our requirements like lithium or lithium ion battery with 18 or more volt capacity along with least run time of 15 minutes, stylish accessories and excellent ranking of its previous users. 

After scrutinizing all the possibilities we have shortlisted four vacuum cleaners including base version of Dyson V6, the Hoover Air Cordless Lift, the Black+ Decker Smartech and the Hoover Cruise ship on the basis of their specifications and price range between $180 and $300 for testing. For reviews on best cordless vacuum for stairs click here.

Best cordless vacuum for pet hair 

We have rejected some of the budget friendly for the top rated list due to their low performance, but they were good for light cleaning smaller spaces. 

We tested the selected cordless vacuum cleaners on the basis of their battery life and air flow stamina to clean up dust particles. 

Also consider Hoover Vacuums cleaners

Our selection 

In our view the base model of Dyson V6 which cleaned the bare floor and rugs effectively with its cleaning head is the best of all. We have made this decision on the basis of its performance in comparison to good plug-in vacuum cleaners and other models of Dyson. None of them has performed even close to the performance of DysonV6. It performed wonderfully on bare floors. Moreover it can also be used as handheld vacuum due to its slim structure and lightweight. Its battery life is about 17 minutes which is good for small condos with up to 1,200 sq ft floor space. 

On the basis of floor cleaning capacity, people can select from various models of Dyson V6 but we have selected its base model after checking it overall performance. It works on all types of surfaces at much affordable price. You can see our guide to know more in this regard.

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Best car vacuum cordless 

A right selection for mid-range vacuum 

If you want to clean the bare floors of your house or pick up the crumbs from kitchen floor then a less expensive cordless vacuum cleaner like Hoover Linx can be good for you. It is as effective and long lasting as you can expect from any other cordless vacuum cleaners. 

It can remove visible particles resting on the top layer of low pile carpets and rugs as well as from your bare floorings. The Linx will be the best vacuum to keep your floors clean if you want to use it for cleaning low pile rugs and bare