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The Henry vacuum cleaner from Numatic is an iconic and popular thing found in many households in Britain, being cordless has combined features of Bosch and Dyson. Soon this vacuum cleaner will be tested but till then you should know more about this new vacuum cleaner, Henry.

The cordless vacuum Henry HVB160 has been recently introduced to the stores. It looks similar to its plug-in version with the red smiling jolly face printed on it, but the power cord has been replaced with a battery pack. At approximately 3x the price of an entry level vacuum, it can be considered quite a bit better than a standard vacuum which you can buy. Contact us to order Henry Hoover parts.

Henry hoover reviews

The most loved cordless versions of Numatic are the first cleaner that has a bag and is much different from the slim stick design introduced by various competitor companies. In other words you get a vacuum with reasonable capacity of six liters to hold dust, as compared to other having one liter or less capacity.

Though new Henry will be reviewed by us very soon still you should know how the original Hetty and Henry vacuums are rated by browsing the reviews of Numatic vacuum cleaner.

How to compare cordless Henry with Dyson like rivals?

The design of cordless Henry is similar to that of classic vacuum of Henry.  According to Numatic its cordless vacuum encourage the owners of the things to love the vacuums of Henry by adding the comfort of cleaning without cord. Learn more about us and henry hoover accessories here.

Features of a Henry Hoover

Dust container vs bag

Main difference in their design is the bag that provides lager capacity to collect dust as compared to others that have to be emptied regularly while cleaning your home, depending upon its size. It is an untidy feature of bagless vacuums. But some people do not like to buy bags to replace though they have to empty its container more frequently. Some of the brands producing cordless vacuums like Dyson V8 etc. have focused on this problem and introduced ‘hygienic dust ejector’ to push out dirt and dust when you empty its container to make it an easier process. We have described this feature in the review of Dyson V8 Absolute.

Cleaning time

Henry Hoover Vacuum Parts

According to Numatic, Henry cordless can clean on high power for 20 minutes and at low power for 30 minutes and can be charged fully in three and a half hour. It is provided with two batteries so that one can be used and other can be charged simultaneously to provide you total cleaning time for 40 and 60 minutes which is less than its competitors. The Bosch Athlet, on the other hand, runs over an hour and 20 to 40 minutes same as the runtime of Dyson cordless. The hassle of waiting to recharge the battery has been avoided by providing an extra battery. Its charging time is also comparatively less than that of Bosch Athlet but longer than Dyson V6 which is the fastest charging cordless vacuum. See reviews and Henry Hoover attachments


The main selling feature of cordless vacuums is being lightweight to make cleaning around home easier. But Henry cordless is 6.4 kg/14 lbs which makes it the heaviest one due to it larger capacity to collect dust. It is three times heavier than Dyson V6. These are not available as a Central Vacuum.

Henry Hoover Parts

In order to recommend the best one, by comparing all the models, we should consider the review of our Henry cordless vacuum cleaner. People may love Henry vacuum cleaner as their home vacuum due to its friendly looks but that external smile cannot be the only reason to love the vacuums of Numatic. We research thousands of vacuum brands every year to find the best, most reliable and fault free for long time. In 2016, the performance of Numatic cordless was outstanding on these points. It is the reason why their owners love them. It also helps in making Henry vacuums reasonably priced and durable as compared to its competitors like Dyson. 

Where to buy Henry Hoover?

Purchase a Henry Hoover vacuum from our Blue Mountain Center in Collingwood Ontario.