Buy Miele Compact C1 Celebraction Review

Features and Benefits of a Miele C1 Celebration

If you've been looking for the ideal vacuum cleaner that cleans your home, purifies air and ensures an easy and convenient
user experience, the new Compact M1 Celebration canister vacuum cleaner is the best choice for you.

The perfect vacuum cleaner for area rugs,carpets and even hard-floors. The Miele Compact C1 Celebration is one of the best, most
effective and powerful vacuum cleaners to get rid of any allergens, dirt or dust on any carpeted surfaces, furniture or floors.

Dubbed the vacuum of the future, this limited edition vacuum cleaner is touted to be our team's best model yet.
Guaranteed to give you the best results, every time!

Miele C1 Features

Miele's C1 celebration is a compact, easy-to-handle and stylish vacuum cleaner, developed in Germany by Miele, a
pioneer in vacuum technology. Combining the best in engineering with demonstrated efficiency in cleaning, this fast-selling marvel in cleaning technology is quickly becoming one of the most preferred vacuum cleaners for home cleaning and maintenance.

The product's key features include the following-

1.Lightweight and easily portable vacuum cleaner, weighing 4.8 kg and with dimensions of 42.9 x 25 x 23 cm

2.A 6-step rotary dial for different surface settings – for curtains and drapes, upholstery, hard floors,area rugs, low-pile carpets and even a low volume energy-saving mode

3.A light-weight and compact canister which is easy to maneuver and store.

4.A powerful 1200W motor that is guaranteed to clean the toughest surfaces, with a 6-step suction.

5.A mini turbo brush which can be attached to canister for cleaning car interiors, sofas and drapes, making it

6.An AirClean system filter that removes 99.9% of dirt and with specialized Miele filters with an AirClean dust
bag and motor protection filter that also purifies the surrounding air while vacuuming your home.

7.One-touch rewinding power cord to easily pack and store the canister.

8.Three different attachments for different uses – a crevice tool for those difficult corners, dusting brush for keyboards and draperies and an upholstery brush for furniture and soft surfaces

9.Adjustable steel telescopic wand, meaning you won't have to bend too low to vacuum. Adjusts to suit your height.

10. 360-degree swivel wheels, making it easy to move around, even into those tough hard-to-reach corners.

11.Side and rear parking which attaches the floor tool to the canister when you want to take breaks between vacuuming.

12.Auto-stop to prevent overheating from over-use

Canada's best cleaning system, says Miele

A limited edition vacuum model at an unbelievably low price, without compromising on quality and efficiency!

A user-friendly cleaning system, powered to get rid of the finest dust particles that settle in your home interiors, floors
or even in your car, at a fraction of the time.

Besides the standard floor brush, Miele also provides a special turbo brush with the Compact C1 Celebration. The suction power of the vacuum can be adjusted based on the surface using the rotary selector. Our team has also developed an energy-saving, low volume mode for the C1 Celebration to be more economical and environment-friendly.

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary features of the Miele C1 Celebration is its nine-layered AirClean dust bag that effectively seals and stores vacuumed dust in a tear-resistant bag, with a self-locking collar to prevent leakage. Its powerful motor cleans the finest
dust and allergens and purifies the air, making sure you breathe easy.

Ideal for homes and apartments with hardwood, tiled or carpeted floors. Great for homes with pets, furniture cleaning, car interiors and small offices.

The Compact C1 Celebration comes in attractive canary yellow and classic lava grey colors and has a manufacturer's
warranty of 5 years for all parts.

Care and special instructions

  • Be sure to replace the air filters with original Miele filters to avoid performance issues
  • For best results, periodically replace the filter bags based on the air-flow indicator. We recommend using FJM
    Miele filter bags only.
  • For best cleaning results, do not attempt to re-use old filter bags
  • When replacing filter bags, it is recommended to replace the dust compartment filter as well
  • Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions.
  • Do not use corrosives to clean any part of the vacuum cleaner

With this vacuum cleaner, cleaning your home does not need to be a back-breaking, exhausting, allergy-inducing or
tiresome chore. Invest in the best for your family, invest in the best for your home.