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When planning to buy a new vacuum you should consider certain things like family pets, allergic reactions, wood floors and type of rugs to decide the type of vacuum you need. The substantial array of vacuum cleaners on the market provide a wide variety at different prices. Today we are comparing Shark and Miele vacuum cleaners to find the best one for you & your family.

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Miele vacuum cleaner reviews

Miele vacuum cleaners are made by a quality conscious German company, Miele, which has gained online reputation for manufacturing family appliances in Germany only under strict quality control. This vacuum cleaner has been tested to ensure its life for 20 years by using it more than 10,000 times on different surfaces for more than 1,200 miles, even with an injured hose. Being a “least serviced” brand Miele has captured household business across North America. More vacuum information here Miele c3 vacuum cleaner reviews

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Miele has made several versions of vacuum cleaners with several different containers. Though Shark cleaners offer many features, the Kona in addition has a built-in HEPA filter, plus:


•Less noisy electric motor of 1,200 watts

•It leaves nothing behind with its closed air-clean system

•Both wood floor and carpeting can be cleaned easily with its power head electro brush

•Its cleaning radius is 36’

•Use push button carefully to access its 6 speed set-up

•Its HEPA air filter can filter air up to 0.1 micron

•Tools can be stored safely under its lid

•Furniture tool, hole tool and a cleaning brush for all-natural fibres are included in this vacuum cleaner

•It also has replaceable vacuum bags to avoid spilling of the materials

•You can also buy an electrically mechanized brush as an additional option to clean rugs or a parquet tornado flooring device for cleaning wood floorings

•It is also known for its strong and compact construction and rubber wheels

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Though, the features of Shark and Miele vacuum cleaners are similar, the price of Miele is double the Shark’s vacuum cleaners. In order to justify its higher prices Miele focuses on the superiority of some of the features of its vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filter: A vacuum can have the best type air purification with a HEPA or High Effectiveness Particulate Air filter, as it can improve the quality of air by removing pet hair, dust and dust from it. It can remove 0.3 micron and larger particles, more than 99% from the air. The rubber gasket seal provided in Miele vacuum allows this filter to give better air to allergic people.

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Consider Maintenance:

By using vacuum bags in Miele and its larger capacity, the vacuum cleaner need not be cleaned after every use, unlike the dirt mug of Shark vacuum.

Though these features are also available with Shark vacuum cleaner, the Miele vacuum cleaner is considered better as its vacuum bags can contain larger amount of pollen, pet dander and dirt to use it for long time at a stretch without losing suction. If allergens and dust are an issue for you and your family the Miele is a great choice. For a more affordable but great vacuum the Shark is always a great choice. See our articles on Miele c2 vacuum cleaner reviews.

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